Community Relations

Community Relations

One of Hartford Hospital’s core values is Caring. The Community Relations Department demonstrates this core value by supporting the community we serve. We actively develop partnerships that will improve our community and address identified health disparities. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Hartford and the neighborhoods surrounding Hartford Hospital.

Community Benefits Programs

Through our diverse programs, Hartford Hospital provides outreach and education. These programs benefit Hartford residents and those living in its surrounding communities. Health screenings, nutrition counseling, and disease prevention services, are a few of the many needs addressed through Community Benefits at Hartford Hospital.

Community benefits are tracked formally in a database. The data is complied on an annual basis and filed with the IRS and the Connecticut Hospital Association. Community Benefits reported include data on how Hartford Hospital specifically supports community needs. Educational programs, health screenings, support groups, and research are some examples of Community Benefit programs.

Grant Programs

The Hartford Hospital Community Relations department requests the submission of applications for the development or continuation of programs, for Hartford residents, in the following areas: Obesity and Cardiovascular disease, Access to Healthcare and Mental and Behavioral Health.


Partnerships with community organizations align Hartford Hospital with local community agencies to assess and respond to community needs. Hartford Hospital develops partnerships in areas such as workforce development, economic development, wellness and healthcare services, and special events support. A few community organizations are highlighted below as examples of the specific partnerships that support residents of Hartford and surrounding communities.

  • Cancer Center Outreach
  • Capital Community College
  • Capital Regional Educational Council (CREC)
  • Capital Workforce Partners
  • Hispanic Health Council
  • Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA)
  • Spanish American Merchants Association (SAMA)

In addition to developing partnerships, Hartford Hospital works with local elected government representatives to advocate on health care issues.


Hartford Hospital provides priority consideration for sponsorship to requests from organizations that will improve access to health care services, enhance the health of the community, advance medical health knowledge, or relieve or reduce the burden of government or other community efforts.