Q. Why is Hartford Hospital declaring its entire campus smoke- and tobacco-free?
A. Every day, Hartford Hospital treats individuals who suffer from smoking related illnesses. Tobacco use will kill nearly a half-million Americans and nearly 2,000 Connecticut residents this year – and make many more sick with cancer and respiratory illness. Hartford Hospital is joining with other city hospitals to make all of its properties smoke and tobacco free in order to encourage employees, patients and visitors to quit tobacco and to eliminate the hazard of second-hand smoke. As the region’s leading health care institution, we owe it to our patients, our city and ourselves to eliminate tobacco from our properties.

Q. Will the hospital provide help to employees who want to quit smoking or using tobacco?
A. Yes. In addition to a state-sponsored quit telephone line and smoking cessation services offered to employees through their health plans, the hospital will provide smoking cessation assistance in a variety of ways.

Q. Who is affected by this policy?
A. It affects all employees, visitors, patients, vendors, contractors, students and volunteers. Everyone who works, visits or comes for care is covered by this policy. No one on our campus may use tobacco while here.

Q. How will the policy be enforced?
A. Staff members who smoke on hospital premises will be subject to corrective action that includes initial warnings and potential termination from employment. Visitors who refuse to comply with this policy may be asked by Security to immediately leave the premises.

Q. Will smoking be permitted in individual vehicles in hospital garages and lots?
A. No.

Q. Will smoking still be permitted in the smoking gazebos?
A. No.

Q. Does the no-tobacco policy extend to sidewalks outside hospital buildings and property?
A. The hospital is in discussions with city officials to see if this is feasible.

Q. Will smoking still be permitted outdoors on hospital property?
A. No. This is a major change in policy. Smoking will be banned outdoors on hospital property

Q. Does this policy affect all Hartford Hospital campuses?
A. Yes. It also includes the Medical Office Building at 85 Seymour St., the ERC, the Institute of Living, Newington campus and all hospital garages and parking lots. Note that the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is endorsing a similar policy.

Q. Are Electronic Cigarettes permitted?
A. No.
Also prohibited on Hartford Hospital premises are electronic (smokeless) cigarettes.