2100cThe Radiation Therapist is a vital member of the health care team in the Radiation Oncology Department. This individual is responsible for administering, monitoring, and documenting the prescribed course of treatment from the radiation oncologist.

The Radiation Therapist is involved in assessing the physical and emotional needs of the patients and making the appropriate referrals. This unique profession combines technical and interpersonal skills and offers many career possibilities available to trained radiation therapists, including management, dosimetry, education, applications specialist, sales, and technology-related fields.

What Characteristics Made a Great Therapist?

  • Strong interpersonal/communication skills
  • Compassion and sensitivity to others
  • Team work
  • A sense of responsibility and careful work habits
  • Problem solver and critical thinker
  • Technical proficiency 

Responsibilities of a Radiation Therapist
  • Apply ionizing radiation to the patient in accordance with the prescription and instructions of the radiation oncologist.
  • Monitor, and document the radiation treatment prescribed by the radiation oncologist.
  • Provide patient care by responding to patients' physical, psychological, and emotional needs during the course of treatment.
  • Utilize the principles of tumor localization in planning and simulation of the treatment course.
  • Position patients accurately for radiation therapy treatments.
  • Establish a respectful, effective working relationship with the physicians, nurses, dosimetrists, social workers, and other health care providers in the interdisciplinary management of cancer in order to minimize the emotional effects of cancer and its treatment on our patients.
  • Maintain daily quality assurance records and regularly inspect the treatment machines to ensure safe, efficient, high quality patient care.
  • Understand & apply the use of radiation exposure factors & radiation safety measures.
  • Prepare therapy rooms with supplies and equipment.