We appreciate your willingness to share your time, talents, and energy at Hartford Hospital!
18 years of age or older and out of high school
Application - The first step is to obtain the necessary volunteer application forms. These forms are available online or by contacting the Volunteer Services Office. We will review the information you provided, and if we feel that there is a position open that you could fill, we will contact you to set up an interview. If you accept a position you will be required to attend an orientation.
During orientation we will provide information about the volunteer positions that are open, the department of Volunteer Services, and the policies and procedures of Hartford Hospital.
After attending orientation and deciding to pursue a volunteer position at Hartford Hospital, the adult then calls to schedule an individual interview with a department manager to discuss interests, skills, and availability.
14-18 years of age
Application - The first step is to obtain the necessary teen volunteer information packet and application forms. These documents are available online  or by contacting the Volunteer Services Office.Volunteers
If accepted into the program applicants must then attend an orientation.
Group Interview
After reviewing the information and submitting the application forms, they must attend a group interview session conducted by a manager from the department of Volunteer Services. Interviews are held at the beginning of each intake period (summer, fall and winter).
College Students:     
If you will receive academic credit for volunteering you must be processed through the department of Education. Please call 860-545-2757 for more information.
Placement as a volunteer is based on skills, interests, and availability. All volunteer positions are subject to an assessment period and the satisfaction of the department and the volunteer. Acceptance and placement as a volunteer is not guaranteed to any applicant. Those who are not suited to the health care environment at Hartford Hospital, or whose availability and interests are not compatible with our needs, are referred to other agencies.
Use our online application form (links below) to apply for a volunteer position at Hartford Hospital. Missing information may result in delayed processing of your application.