Pediatric CF Clinic
282 Washington Street
Suite 2B
Hartford, CT 06106
Appointments and Questions: 860.545.9440
Fax: 860.545.9445

Contact Person: 
Debbie Potticary
Phone: 860.545.9440

Clinic hours are Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. These times are set aside so that the entire CF team is present at each of the clinics. People who are sick will always be seen as needed, but the all of the CF team members will not be present on non-clinic days.

Adult CF Clinic
Hartford Hospital
Pulmonary Function Lab, Jefferson Building, 2nd Floor, Room 240
Hartford, CT 06102

Contact Person:
Dee Rendock, APRN
Phone: 860.545.4644
Fax: 860.545.3406

The Adult CF Clinic is held in the pulmonary function lab area at Hartford Hospital. This area is reached by an enclosed walkway from the second floor of 85 Seymour Street, where the parking garage is located for Hartford Hospital. 

Clinics are held three times per month. As with the pediatric clinic, these are the times when all of the CF team will be present. When people need to be seen because of an illness, arrangements are made for them to be seen at one of the adult pulmonology offices. All routine visits are conducted at the ACF clinic.

Parking is available for both clinics at the parking garage on Seymour Street. Valet parking is also available for both clinic locations.