Although "self-care checklist" is somewhat self-explanatory, it's worth a brief description and consideration of why it might be helpful to complete and review this tool with the CF social worker, your spouse or a friend. As you are already well aware, adults with CF have additional/ different medical and practical needs to think about. So this Checklist is a tool to use to review various areas of your life and figure out if you want more information on a particular topic and/ or for planning ahead. It may be way too soon, for instance, to consider the possibility of lung transplantation, but at least knowing where to find out more about it might be helpful.

Although this checklist is far from exhaustive, it does cover most aspects of adult CF care that need attention going forward. The instructions at the top of the form explain how to complete it using a simple self-rating scale. It may be best to complete it when you have a chance to really give it some thought, especially the last page where more detailed responses are involved. Once completed, you may want to review it yourself, with someone close to you or with the CF social worker to identify areas you may want to research or plan for. You may also want it just for reference, even if you do not fill it out. At the very least, looking it over will get you thinking about various topics and/ or prompt conversations with your CF team, spouse, family or friends.

Click here to download the Self-Care Checklist