The timeline below was developed with the help of our patients and families. It is what we offer during the transition years, but our goal is to make a plan with you and your family tailored to your needs! You are not required to go through all of these steps at these exact ages, but we want you to know what to expect and what we will offer.

Age 12:
• The Pediatric Team begins transition education with you and your family during your visits. This will include information about insurance, college and employment.
• You and your parents may be asked to complete a “Transition Checklist” to figure out what you already know and what you need more information about. Education will continue over the next several years.

Age 15:
• The Adult CF Program social worker may visit you during a Pediatric Clinic visit.
• The Team will talk about meeting without your parents in the exam room
• If you and your family agree, you may begin to meet with the Pediatric Team without your parents in the exam room.

Age 16:
• Between the ages of 16-17, you may have a “Transition Planning Meeting” at the Adult CF Center.
• At the end of the “Transition Planning Meeting” you will have a plan for the next year or two that might include several Adult CF Clinic appointments or a tour of the Adult Clinic/ Hospital.
• We will begin to coordinate transfer of your sub-specialty care such as endocrinology, gastroenterology, etc.

Age 17 –18:
• You may have both Pediatric and Adult clinic visits during this year
• Tour of CF Adult Clinic and Hartford Hospital if desired