What is Transition?

When we describe transition, we define it as a process, a series of steps involved in ending care with your pediatric healthcare providers and beginning treatment with a team of providers who specialize in the care of adults with CF.

The key aspect of our Center's philosophy of transition is that we do NOT view it as simply a "transfer" of your medical records to an adult physician. No one expects you to see your Pediatric CF Team one day and then the Adult CF Team the next without preparation. We believe we have a responsibility to help you get ready to take charge of your health as one part of your overall transition to adulthood. The most important thing about transition, then, is that it is gradual, not something that happens overnight.

You will be taking charge of many areas of your life such as deciding where you want to live, go to college or what kind of work you want to do. This is the exciting part of transition: making more of your own decisions as you take on more responsibility. But as a person with an illness that requires daily attention, there are some additional tasks involved in planning for your future.

Therefore, it's important to know that you, your family and your healthcare team all share the responsibility for making your transition as smooth as possible, that we will work together to get you ready one step at a time. This way, completing your move to the Adult CF Program will be a goal you look forward to reaching just like any of the important goals in your life.