Adult CF Research

Adult CF patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical research trials. The CF medications that are available today are the result of clinical trials in the past. Our hope is to improve the quality of lives of CF patients and to someday find a cure for CF. CCCFC is committed to participating in clinical trials that will give CF patients a brighter future. One of our studies, an inhaled combination of tobramycin/fosfomycin, uses a new Nebulizer which requires 2-3 minutes for inhalation treatment instead of 20 minutes. There is a very interesting article that appeared in the May 4th THE NEW YORKER magazine entitled “Open Channels” by Jerome Groopman. We encourage all CF patients and families to read the article, which mentions some of the exciting studies we hope to pursue at CCCFC.

Adult CF Research Coordinator 

My name is Sandy Trifiro. I have been the Adult CF Research Coordinator since 2007 and a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator since 2000. I am a registered nurse and have been involved in Clinical Research for 12 years, coordinating approximately 50 studies. The majority of studies were pulmonary therapeutic trials, including Asthma, COPD and Cystic Fibrosis, sponsored by a variety of pharmaceutical companies. In addition, I have coordinated Gastroenterology, Endocrine, Radiology and Cardiology research studies. I participate in the CF Adult Clinic and currently am enrolling in a Gilead Fosfomycin/Tobramycin Study and an Aztreonam Study.

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