Here are our staff members.  Please feel free to contact them!
Raffaella Coler, MEd, RN, EMT-P
Director, Department of EMS Education
Raffaella or "Ralf" Coler is the Director of the Department of EMS Education.   Ralf has over twenty-five years experience in the Emergency Department and in EMS.  Ralf is also currently the President of the North Central EMS Council and she is also the Chairperson of the State of Connecticut Education and Training Committee for EMS.
 Raffaella Coler

Lauri Bolton, MD,
Interim Medical Director Ground EMS
Lauri Bolton is our department medical director for educational and for medical control purposes.  He is an Attending Physician in the Hartford Hospital Emergency Department. 
Elaine Belanger                                                                                                                
Office Coordinator 
Elaine Belanger has been the Office Coordinator for the Department of EMS Education since July 2012.  Elaine is the backbone of our department and generally the first person that visitors have contact with. Elaine has been with Hartford Hospital for over 25 years.  Elaine is responsible for scheduling and maintaining the BLS Heartcode program on Healthstream which allows for hundreds of students and staff to certify in CPR online.
David Bailey,  NREMT-P
EMS Coordinator

David has been with EMS Education since 2001.  He is the EMS Coordinator, in addition to teaching in several other programs.  David was most recently employed by the State of Connecticut as the Regional EMS Coordinator for the North Central Region and brings  wealth of experience to the EMS Coordinator position.

 David Bailey

Matthew Braunshweiger
Matthew Braunshweiger is responsible for the operations of the American Heart Association's BLS Training Center at Hartford Hospital.  Matthew is firefighter and paramedic with the East Hartford Fire Department.
Matthew Braunshweiger (click to enlarge)
Keith Byrne, EMT-P
Keith has been with the EMS Education Department as an Educator for the last 10 years.  Keith is responsible for the coordination the EMT Day program. He teaches in all programs for the Education Department, including the Paramedic program, ACLS, and PALS courses. He is a Lieutenant with the West Hartford Fire Department with 16 years of service. Keith has a B.S. Fire Science Administration, and is a certified Fire Service Instructor.  He is a National Registered Paramedic, Licensed Paramedic, EMS-Instructor with over 18 years of EMS experience working in the Cities of Waterbury and West Hartford. 
Keith Byrne (click to enlarge)
Nick Cormier, EMT-I
Nick Cormier is a per-diem staff member who is one of our lead instructors for  MRT and MRT to EMT-Bridge programs. 

Anthony Paquette, MPH, EMT-P
EMS Educator
Anthony ("Tony") Paquette has been a staff member with EMS Education for many years. Tony is also a paramedic with Middlesex Hospital's Paramedic Program.  Tony is responsible for the Coordination of all Paramedic Training Programs. He was a key player in the development and teaching the Mark 1 Train-the-Trainer Program. 
 Anthony Paquette (click to enlarge)

David Samuels, JD, NREMT-P
EMS Educator
David "Dave" Samuels has been with the department for the past 6 years.  Dave has over 20 years of experience in EMS,  including certification as a paramedic and as an EMS Instructor.  He currently is the Coordinator of our Paramedic Training Programs that are offered in conjunction with Goodwin College.  Dave has previously been the EMS Coordinator and the Lead Instructor for the EMT-I classes. Dave is also currently a practicing attorney.
 David Samuels (click to enlarge)

Michael Zacchera, NREMT-P                    
Education Coordinator
Michael Zacchera has been with the department since 1999 and has held multiple positions.  Mike has been in EMS since 1987. He presently is our Education Coordinator.   Mike has a Bachelor's in EMS Management and is currently attending the Neag School of Education at UConn as a graduate student in Adult Learning.
Michael Zacchera (click to enlarge)