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The HealthStream® E-Learning System is a web-based, self-paced software application covering most Joint Commission and OSHA mandatory courses.

Staff can meet many of their annual mandatory competencies by completing these courses on-line. Once course and post-test are completed, a notation is made on the staff's account and staff can also print out certificates of completion. 

Please note that a user name/password is required to use HealthStream®. Any problems accessing or navigating this product should be directed to:

Helpful Hints for logging on and navigating the system

  • From a Hartford Hospital PC: Click on HH Web Services icon to launch the Intranet.  HealthStream is listed under Employee Services.  This will bring you to a student log-in screen. 

    From other locations: Go to www.harthosp.org and click the HealthStream link in the website footer under "Staff", or simply type in www.healthstream.com/hlc/cths in the URL box of your browser.
  • To login type in your User ID and Password using the last five digits of your Employee ID number for both User ID and Password.

  • Click Log-In.  This will bring you to the Assigned Courses screen.  Only courses/tests that have been assigned to you will be listed on this page. We recently began using new employees numbers. After you log in please verify that your name appears and that you are completing the courses that are assigned to you.

  • From the Assigned Courses screen, click on the title of a course/test you wish to complete.  The Course Details Screen will appear.  This screen lists all the learning activities associated with the course title, along with the status of each course (not yet started, in progress or completed), the score (if a test was included) and date last accessed (if not yet completed).

To view the HealthStream Help pages, click here.