When you choose the Hartford Hospital Hernia Center, you can be sure that our specialists will take your specific needs into consideration and provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, put your mind at ease and give you the respect, care and attention you deserve.

  • Our surgeons perform more than 1,000 hernia repairs every year, including treating inguinal, ventral/epigastric, umbilical, femoral, hiatal, incisional and sports hernias.

  • Our physicians and surgical staff, who are members of the American Hernia Society, continually train in the newest and best hernia treatment techniques.

  • Broad expertise allows us to tailor treatment to a patient’s specific needs and offer multiple options for treatment, including laparoscopic and open repair with or without mesh, as appropriate.

  • We always offer patients the treatment that is safest and best for them, leading to as little discomfort as possible and a quick return to normal activities (most go home the day of surgery).

  • We use the most durable materials available, always using the newest and best advances in repair products.

  • We regularly survey our patients to ensure that we’re meeting their needs and aim for the highest satisfaction scores possible.

  • Our center is available to patients for consultation, surgical treatment and follow-up. Surgical coverage for emergencies is guaranteed.