Do you suffer from Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder?  Take our online self assessment to find out! 
Answer the following questions "YES" or "NO" then click the "Do I Have Adult ADHD?" button.
Question Response
1. Do you have problems paying attention to details or make careless mistakes on your work (at work, school, or home)?
2. Do you have a hard time staying focused when you are doing things (e.g. tasks, conversations, reading)?
3. Do people often complain to you that you don’t seem to be listening when they are talking to you?
4. Do you have a hard time following instructions and finishing tasks, chores, or projects?
5. Do you have a hard time organizing things (e.g. your possessions, when making plans)?
6. Do you have a hard time doing things that you don’t like to do or that require a lot of effort, more than the average person? (e.g. unpleasant tasks)
7. Do you have a habit of losing things frequently (e.g. keys, paperwork)?
8. Do you get distracted easily by sounds or things going on around you?
9. Do you often forget to do things?
10. Are you often fidgety or have a hard time sitting still?
11. Do you often get out of your seat even when you should stay seated (e.g. during lectures, meetings)?
12. Do you often feel restless?
13. Are people often complaining that you are loud or make a lot of noise? Is it hard for you to do things quietly?
14. Are you often "on the go" or feel like you’re "driven by a motor"?
15. Do people often tell you that you talk too much?
16. Do you often interrupt other people?
17. Do you often blurt out answers before someone finishes asking the question?
18. Do you have a hard time waiting your turn?
19. Did you have at least some of these problems since you were a young child?
20. Have these kinds of problems been causing you a lot of problems in your life (e.g. school, work, getting along with others)?
(for a paper version of this assessment, click here)
Note: This questionnaire is for informational purposes only and is not intended to function as a psychological or psychiatric assessment.  Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders requires a careful evaluation by a trained professional. Click here to learn how to get help for this condition at the Anxiety Disorders Center.

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