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Our outpatient clinic offers weekly cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in either group or individual format. However, many clients prefer to come in for treatment on a daily basis.
There are several reasons to consider such a program:
  1. Preliminary evidence suggests that treatment, particularly in the earlier stages, may be more efficacious when sessions are massed (e.g., daily) than when they are spaced (e.g., weekly).
  2. Clients who have not responded optimally to less intensive interventions may respond well to Accelerated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment.
  3. Some clients will find it more convenient to come for treatment for a briefer period of time, rather than stretch out their treatment. This may be especially true for clients who have difficulty adjusting their work schedules, or who come in from out of town.

Our Accelerated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program consists of cognitive-behavioral therapy that includes a strategy called exposure. Exposure-based CBT is the most effective known psychological treatment for anxiety disorders. Clients work with a therapist individually to develop a step-by-step plan to confront feared situations while refraining from unhelpful responses such as avoidance, compulsive behavior, or rituals that give a false sense of safety. Over time, clients learn that they can handle these situations, and they find that their fear is reduced considerably. There is a wealth of scientific evidence showing that the majority of clients respond very well to this form of therapy. The staff at the Anxiety Disorders Center are expert clinicians and scientists who specialize in the application and study of CBT for anxiety disorders in adults, children, and adolescents.

For more information contact:
Anxiety Disorders Center/Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Phone: (860) 545-7685