Scientific advances in technology, psychotherapy and pharmacology have combined to make day treatment programs an increasingly attractive alternative to inpatient care. Patients may enter treatment at this level of care or may need this level of support following an inpatient stay. Effective as well as efficient, day treatment programs offer the added advantage of allowing patients to undergo treatment while living at home or in the community.
A patient enrolled in a day treatment program may come to The Institute as often as five days a week to take part in a structured program that includes a variety of therapeutic activities. Individualized treatment plans are created for each patient, and may include group, individual, or family therapy, classes, and group activities. Day treatment programs require a patient's participation for three to four hours a day (or more) to qualify for insurance reimbursement.

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Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Program
(ages 6-18)
Program Manager: Melissa Deasy, LCSW
(860) 696-0014