Option 1 Includes the following:
  • Results (numerical and percentage) for all questions
  • Five additional questions customized by you for your school
Option 2 Includes Option 1 plus the following:
  • Summary report which includes fifteen key questions cross-tabulated by grade and gender
  • Six composite scores: School Connectedness, Academic Pressure, Motivation, Parental Control, Feeling State, Alcohol Use
  • Data Report Worksheet
  • ISHC Database for Self Comparison
  • Faculty Development Resource Lists on Motivation and Social Norms
Option 3 Includes Options 1 and 2 plus the following: 
  • Comprehensive report and statistical analysis of all results by gender and grade with recommendations
+ $10 per student
Supplemental Report
ISHC National Database Comparative Report
  • This report will provide you with an efficient, direct way of comparing your school’s survey results to the ISHC National Database. It will display your school’s responses side by side with the aggregate data for about 35 of the key items in the national database. The report will serve as a useful companion to your school’s survey report when you share the survey results with your faculty, students, parents and board members.

Please note: Invoices will be sent on a quarterly basis for services provided.

There are 3 optimal timeframes during the academic year to administer the ISHC Survey which allow for results that are not influenced by vacations and break times. They are: October-Thanksgiving, February-March Break, end of April-May.