Here's what our clients are saying about the ISHC program:

"The survey gave us a great opportunity to inform research on girls in independent schools and to learn about our own community."

Margaret Shoemaker
Director, Upper School
Westridge School

"I would recommend this survey! It was a great opportunity for our school to have concrete information on important health topics."

Josie Woods
Upper School Counselor
The Potomac School

"The ISHC staff could not have been more helpful. They let us change the survey so that it would better reflect our international student body as well as adding questions of our own."

Peter Hauet
Western Academy of Beijing
Beijing, China

"The ISHC survey has given us the best grip we have ever had on what’s happening in our school in terms of student culture. You have given us a measure of the magnitude of what we have suspected but have never really known for sure. Your analysis also gave us insight into parental behavior that has implications for student behavior – for example, the correlation of parents not calling ahead of a party and the likelihood of the student attending an un-chaperoned party with all of the risky behaviors associated with an unsupervised setting. Your analysis has given us “wake-up” data points to share with parents that will, hopefully, motivate them to address areas where they have been trusting that everything was just fine in the past."

Warren Hudson
Head of School
Lake Highland Prep School

"I think the process went smoothly for us, and the information gathered is helpful for us. The information was sent back to us very quickly and both you and Peter were very supportive throughout the process."

Lauren Frankenbach
Indian Mountain School

"The Independent School Health Check was a comprehensive evaluative tool which allowed our students to freely respond to the social challenges they face both in and out of school. Surveys were conducted in a manner that allowed for constructive responses by which our School could compare and contrast data with peer students and institutions. Responses to the Health Check helped establish our future programming goals and gave opportunities for appropriate discussion among parents, students, and administrators."

Mark Fader
Head of School
Williams School

"The ISHC survey provided our school with valuable information and insight into the behavior patterns of our students. The statistical data enhanced our ability to plan meaningful programs for our students. In addition, the ISHC National database allowed us to compare our student culture with that of other schools."

Charlene Halloran
The Forman School

"The professionals who administer this survey are extremely knowledgeable, very responsive and supportive during the planning, execution and analysis of the survey. Thank you!"

Ben Gardner, MD
Medical Director
Choate Rosemary Hall

"The ISHC is a wonderful tool that provides a snapshot of school culture and student behavior. The data is a wonderful way to start conversations with students in a non-threatening manner as it's about the collective and not the individual. It is also a powerful normalizer."

David Rost
Dean of Students
Concord Academy

"For the last eight years on an every other year basis, The Lawrenceville School conducted its own "home grown" health survey that is very similar to the ISHC survey. The School has always found the data provided by these health surveys very useful in tracking high risk behaviors so that we can target our health education and residential initiatives towards various current topics each year and identify any new emerging trends. It also provides data that is very helpful in educating parents, trustees, faculty, counselors, and residential staff. In the past, we have used national public school data comparisons but wanted to have a closer comparison with schools that were more similar to ours. The ISHC survey has given us this added benefit as well as the benefit of basic data analysis. In order to conduct this type of survey well, it requires a significant school-wide commitment. The ISCH survey staff understand this need and have made the process as easy as possible through their availability and support materials."

Robin R. Karpf, MD
Medical Director
The Lawrenceville School

"The survey provides an excellent way to evaluate your health curriculum, special programs and counseling services. The comparison with other Independent schools gives you a context with which to determine the most pressing issues in your community."

Craig Maughan
Head of School
Trinity Preparatory School

"We've been searching for a survey that contains questions that are broad reaching, but also give us data that we can use, and a comparison group that fits our community. ISHC is the perfect fit! Easy administration, lightning fast result, and a process that made the day as easy as you can imagine when surveying 400 students."

Melanie Bauman
Director of Counseling
The Webb Schools