Costin, C. (1997) Your Dieting Daughter: Is She Dying For Attention? N.Y.: Brunner/Mazed.
A great resource for parents to help them to understand the psychological reasons prompting a girl to diet and to distinguish between diets and eating disorders. It includes sound nutritional advice, distinctions between "fit or fanatic" exercise, and a discussion of family issues.

Lember, R. (1999). Eating Disorders : A Reference Sourcebook. Phoenix, AZ.
Short articles by leading experts include discussions of symptoms and causes, physiological and medical issues, socio-cultural contributions and risk factors, dieting and obesity, and treatment strategies.  It include a directory of treatment facilities and a extensive resource list, including books, videos, internet sites, and organizations.

Maine, M (1991). Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, and Food. Carlsbad, CA.: Gurze book.
The only book to explore how fathers contribute to their daughter's body image, weight preoccupation, self-esteem, and eating disorders.  Includes practical solutions for fathers, mothers, and daughters on how to improve family relationships and reconnect.

Siegal, M., Brisman, S., and Weinshel M. (1997) Surviving an Eating Disorder: Perspectives and Strategies for Family and Friends. N.Y.:  Harper and Row
Practical help for families trying to understand and live with an eating disorder.  Gives both a dynamic understanding of the family context and advice regarding dealing with day-to-day issues such as anger, denial, secrets, and meals.

Friedman, S. (1997). When Girls Feel Fat: Helping Girls Through Adolescence. Toronto, Canada: Harper Collins.
Beautifully explains how girls translate their feelings and disappointments into self degradation and "the language of fat."  A resource for parents, educators, and others guiding girls, full of practical advice as well as theory.

World Wide Web Resources
Links to The Eating Disorders Site which provides information about eating disorders and treatment resources. - Parenting
Links to the website, which is an online parenting service that offers comprehensive, high-quality information and a supportive community for raising children.

Mental Health Net
Links to the Mental Health Net website, your personal, award-winning review guide to mental health, psychology, and psychiatry online, currently listing over 9,000 individual resources.

National Eating Disorders Association
Links to the National Eating Disorders Association website. Sponsors Eating Disorders Awareness Week in February using educational and prevention programs.

The Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders
Links to The Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders.  Extensive online information and recovery support for individuals and loved-ones.