Panic disorder research
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The Anxiety Disorders Center at Hartford Hospital/Institute of Living is conducting a study to look at the outcome of using a biofeedback device called the Canary Breathing System to reduce symptoms of Panic Disorder and reduce the number of panic attacks.

This study is open to individuals ages 18-65 who meet criteria for Panic Disorder.

Do you need help for panic attacks?

  • Do you have reoccurring attacks of sudden, intense fear or anxiety?
  • Do you worry a lot about having another attack?
  • Do you worry about the effect the attacks are having on your life?
  • Do you avoid places or activities because you might have another attack?
Research has shown that people with Panic Disorder breathe in a different way than other people do.

The participant will be loaned a device that will teach the participant how to breathe another way which will reduce the panic symptoms. The device will guide and monitor the participant’s breathing.

During a 4 week time period, the participant will be loaned the device to use twice a day for 17 minutes with guided practice tones to regulate breathing. At weekly office visits, the participant will bring the product to review progress with the therapist.

We will be asking participants to come back to our office twice after they complete treatment. Both of these visits will last about one hour. Total compensation for all visits is $75.

Please contact us to complete a 20 minute phone screening or email us with a good time to call you for the screening.

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