Jefferson House
Over 125 Years of Continuing Care


Patients communicate with their therapist from the comfort of their own home using an iPad and special software.

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The Jefferson House philosophy is to continue to meet the new needs of an expanding and changing population of elderly. It is our mission to provide and facilitate a continuum of high quality, individualized care primarily toward the maintenance and support of the aged.
Jefferson House was originally the Old People's Home, located on Jefferson Street in Hartford.  It offered the elderly an alternative to the County Poorhouse. Care was provided whether patients were active or sedentary, friend or stranger, with or without the ability to pay. (more)
What makes Jefferson House unique?
Jefferson House offers security, a harborage, where patients can avoid long hospital stays while still receiving nursing care, intensive rehabilitative therapy, nutritional counseling, selfcare and the psychological support necessary for re-establishing independence in their daily lives. (more)