Welcome to the Comprehensive Liver Center at Hartford Hospital.

The Comprehensive Liver Center represents a new model of care at Hartford Hospital by providing the infrastructure for patients to be evaluated in a multidisciplinary setting within the same day. Visits with a team of providers representing multiple specialties are coordinated from one central location resulting in efficient and expedited care. This seamless care delivery system begins with assessment and diagnosis and culminates in a comprehensive treatment plan that may span many specialties.

The Multidisciplinary Care (MDC) Team is represented by physicians who stay apprised of the most recent advances in therapy within the following specialties: Hepatology, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Pathology, Liver Transplant Surgery, Surgical Oncology and Medical and Radiation Oncology. Comprehensive Liver Center patients have access to the most innovative therapies as they emerge and may also have the opportunity to participate in nationwide clinical research trials.

Communication with referring physicians throughout the process plays a significant role in the success of the treatment plan. Comprehensive Liver Center specialists work in collaboration with other health care institutions and physicians to offer cutting edge technology and procedures for patients who may receive services at the Comprehensive Liver Center but also continue to receive follow-up care in conjunction with their established provider(s).

The Comprehensive Liver Center at Hartford Hospital provides treatment of liver disease in a patient-centered quality care model. Our physicians and nurses look forward to the opportunity to provide progressive and coordinated treatment to patients with all forms of liver disease including hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancers