Ebola Information
Hartford HealthCare has developed a coordinated response plan to safely care for potential Ebola patients.
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Hartford Hospital Cancer Registry Reaches a Milestone
In October 2014, the Cancer Registry team processed its 100,000th patient. Established as a hospital Cancer Registry in 1928, the department has been collecting, analyzing and codifying cancer data since that time. The Registry has seen many changes over the years from abstracting data from handwritten 3 x 5 cards and typed carbon-paper reports to sophisticated computer software programs. Early cases captured a dozen or so fields. Now, an abstract contains over 2,000 different fields available for data collection.
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National News: One U.S. Hospital's Strategy For Stopping Ebola's Advance - NPR
In Spain, a nurse treating a patient for Ebola contracted the virus herself. And that brings renewed attention to concerns for the safety of health care workers.  Jeff Cohen of WNPR visited Hartford Hospital in Connecticut to see how it’s preparing.
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