News Headlines - 2015


We could use a little extra sleep.  But, how much do we really need?  Dr. Ed Salerno sits down with WFSB, Anchor Kim Lucey and offers some helpful tips for a good night's rest.


On the heels of Angelina Jolie's announcement that she had her ovaries removed, Dr. Heather Einstein joins the FOX CT morning show to help women with the BRCA mutation understand the process of removing ovaries to prevent a cancer diagnosis.


Dr. Aron Shafer appeared on NBC CT to also address Angelina Jolie's announcement and what it means for women with the BRCA mutation.


Additional interviews on the topic of Angelina Jolie's decision.  Dr. Heather Einstein on WFSB, Ch. 3.


Dr. Aron Shafer live on FOX CT talk more about Angelina Jolie's surgery to have her ovaries removed to prevent a cancer diagnosis.


Dr. Vasanth Kainkaryam shares tips for a healthy New Year on WFSB Ch. 3.


Dr. Ken Robinson talks about the rise in Flu cases at Hartford Hospital on NBC CT.


Dr. Tom Nowicki provides a rundown to WFSB Meteorologist, Bruce DePriest about the dangers of Hypothermia and how quickly it can set in extreme cold temperatures.