Back PainThe Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing, managing and treating pain.

Professionals from several different disciplines are involved in patient care.

Comprehensive Treatment
We are the only pain center in Connecticut that addresses all aspects of pain: medical, physical and psychological. 

In addition, we utilize the Calmare pain therapy device. 
  • non invasive
  • painless
  • drug free!
  • free of known side effects
Calmare is used to treat various types of chronic neuropathis, oncologic and drug-resistent pain.

A Team Effort
Patients are a critical member of the multidisciplinary team. Treatment can succeed only if patients are an active participant in their care.

Working with the Pain Treatment Center
Pain Treatment Center specialists can work with physicians in anticipating and managing the pain treatment needs of their patients. To refer a patient to the Pain Treatment Center, call 860-696-2841.

We have specialists who speak Spanish and French. 

Our Services