In case of an emergency, PLEASE DIAL 911
Mailing Address:
Hartford Hospital Emergency Department
Hartford Hospital
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102  
Important Phone Numbers:
Location/Service  Phone Number
Emergency Department Main Phone Number
The ER is located to the right of the hospital's main entrance at 80 Seymour Street. The Emergency Department never closes... We're here for you 24x7! 
(860) 545-0000
Division of Traumatology (860) 972-3766
Related Services  
Center for Emergency
Medical Preparedness

Main Number
(860) 972-1082
LIFE STAR Non-Emergency (860) 545-4337
Flight Crew Office (860) 972-4385
Fax Number (860) 545-5491
Patient Transfer Center 1-866-993-BEDS