Chapel entranceOur Spiritual Care Department has a staff of chaplains present in the hospital at all times to provide for you and your family’s religious and spiritual needs of any faith tradition or of no faith tradition. The chaplain can help you access the faith resources you want, provide spiritual help or help you to sort out your own thoughts and feelings about what is happening. For Catholic and Protestant patients, we can provide pastoral care, rituals and sacraments. For persons of the Jewish faith, we can provide what is necessary for a Shabbat service. A chaplain can contact your pastor, priest, rabbi, imam or your faith community to help support you while you are in the hospital. If you wish to contact a chaplain for any reason, call 972-2251 or ask any nurse to do so for you.  For more information, visit the Spiritual Care Web page
Chapel and Worship Services, Chapel Vision and Holy Eucharist
“A Spiritual Refuge”

The Hartford Hospital Interfaith Chapel is located on the first floor of the main hospital and provides a comforting welcome to all our patients, visitors and staff.

Chapel lobbySensitively designed to impart spiritual inspiration to all persons regardless of faith tradition. It has a contemporary design, lots of natural light and features in tune with the changing role of the chapel. This space is a metaphor created by each person who enters. Please stop by and experience this calm, nurturing environment!

ChapelA chaplain is on duty 24-hours a day and the Spiritual Care Department can be contacted at (860) 972-2251.
Worship Services:
Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated each Sunday, and on holy days, at 3:45 p.m. Arrangements to attend can be made through your nurse. All services are in the Hartford Hospital Interfaith Chapel.
Guided Meditation is every Wednesday at 12 noon.
As a part of the Integrative Therapies program at Hartford Hospital, chaplains are available to lead patients in a guided meditation. Guided meditation is a technique, continuously in use since ancient times, by many who seek a deeper awareness of their own spiritual reality. Some experience a reduction in anxiety and pain as well as an increased sense of participation in their own well being. Guided meditation is available at the patient’s bedside, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To arrange an appointment, call extension 5-2251.
Interfaith Worship Services is a 20-minute service every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 12 noon.
Jewish patients may call Spiritual Care for assistance.
Islamic Prayer. Jamma prayer every Friday at 1:15 pm.
Chapel Vision:
Spiritual Care broadcasts audio and video (in color) religious services from the chapel. These can be seen or heard by patients in their room on non-rental Channel 17.
Spiritual Care also offers on-demand spiritual wellness videos... 
  • Guided Meditation – Depression, Healing/Well Being, Pain, Sanctuary, Sleeplessness
  • Nature and Music – Dream Wind, Forest Streams, Mount Desert Island, Mountain Vistas, Seashore Reflections, South Pacific, Waterfalls, Wilderness, Winter Into Spring. 
Chapel lobbyPrayers:

Jewish Prayers

Christian Prayers
– A Christian Service, Liturgical Dancing

Roman Catholic
Prayers, Rosary
– Joyful Mystery.

Muslim Prayers
– Fajr (Morning), Dhuhr (Noon), Asr (Afternoon), Maghrib (Early Evening), Isha (Late Evening).

Psalms and Meditations – Selection of Psalms, Readings and Tibetan Singing Bowls.
Celebracion Y Oracion
Naturaleza y Musica – Cascadas, Desierto, Invierno/Primavera, Isla Del Desierto, Reflecciones En El Mar, Rios En El Bosque, Sueno Del Viento, Vision De Las Montanas, Sul Del Pacifico.
Holy Eucharist:
  • The Holy Eucharist is available at your bedside.
  • For Roman Catholics, Holy Eucharist is available evenings and on weekends.
  • For Protestants, Holy Eucharist is available on an individual basis.
  • To arrange for Holy Eucharist, call the Spiritual Care Department at 2-2251 or ask your nurse to contact the chaplain.
Bereavement Program
The death of a loved one changes the lives of those left behind. The grief process can be difficult and unsettling. Hartford Hospital supports a Bereavement Program that provides bereavement counseling, resources, and bereavement support groups to help those in grief. For further information, visit the Bereavement Services Web page, or call (860) 972-2290.