Faculty Group Photo, 2012The faculty is a diverse group of individuals keenly interested in training competent child and adolescent psychiatrists to help meet the mental health needs of children, adolescents, and their families.

The faculty place a high value on a collaborative educational environment in which trainees and supervisors work together to provide quality care and to remain at the forefront of the evolving science and clinical practice of child and adolescent psychiatry.

Included among the faculty are two former training directors and one Triple Board Program graduate.

Please refer to the following list of faculty, noting their clinical and/or research interests as well as the training programs from which they graduated.



Chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Training Director:

Robert A. Sahl, MD

Robert Sahl, M.D.
Adolescence, developmental disorders/mental retardation/autism
Institute of Living
Tel: 860-545-7647
Fax: 860-7650
Email: robert.sahl@hhchealth.org


Coordinator, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program:

Alison Wellman
Institute of Living
Tel: (860) 545-7746
Fax: (860) 545-7186


Assistant Training Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program:

Salma Malik, MD, MS
Consultant to Extended Day Treatment Program, School Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology and Research
Institute of Living
Tel: 860-545-0780
Fax: 860-545-7556
Email: salma.malik@hhchealth.org


Assistant Training Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program:

Lynn Mangini, MDLynn Mangini, M.D.
Consultation liaison, alternative treatment strategies
Institute of Living
Tel: 860-825-7326
Fax: 860-545-7186
Email: lynn.mangini@hhchealth.org


Core Faculty

Dr. Sudeshna Basu MBBS, MDSudeshna Basu, MBBS, MD
Consultant/Partial Hospital Program, School Psychiatry, Out-patient Clinic
Institute of Living
Tel: 860-825-0163
Email: sudeshna.basu@hhchealth.org

  Eric Cohen, MDEric Cohen, MD
Inpatient treatment, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders
Tel: 860-545-7493
Fax: 860-545-7650
Email: ericd.cohen@hhchealth.org

Mary Butteweg Gratton, Ph.D., LCSW
Play therapy, infant-parent psychotherapy, developmental theories, psychodynamic psychotherapy
Smith College School for Social Work (Ph.D.)
  Julie Goslee, MDJulie Goslee, MD
School Psychiatry
Consultant/Young Adult Program
Tel: 860-825-0438
Email: julie.goslee@hhchealth.org

Mirela Loftus, MDMirela Loftus, MD
School Psychiatry
Inpatient Treatment, ADHD, psychopharmocology
Tel: 860-545-7493
Fax: 860-7650
Email: mirela.loftus@hhchealth.org

  Lisa Namerow, MDLisa Namerow, MD
(Former Training Director)
Consultation liaison, infant psychiatry, attachment disorders
Tel: 860-545-7493
Fax: 860-545-7650
Email: lisa.namerow@hhchealth.org

Andres Ramos, MDAndres Ramos, MD
Consultant, Crisis Stabilization, Outpatient
Tel- 860-545-7239
Fax- 860-545-7556
Email: Andres.ramos@hhchealth.org

  Francisco Ripepi, MDFrancisco Ripepi, MD
Developmental Disorders, therapeutic school, outpatient
Tel: 860-545-7908
Fax: 860-7556
Email: francisco.ripepi@hhchealth.org

Barbara Rzepski, Ph.DBarbara Rzepski, Ph.D.
Consultation-liaison, Chronic Pain, CBT of Anxiety Disorders
Phone: 860-545-8665
Email: Brzepsk@ccmckids.org


Voluntary Faculty of Distinction

J. Craig Allen, M.D.
Director of Psychiatry,
MidState Medical Center
Tel: 203-630-5256
  Rosemarie Coratola, PsyD, LMFTRosemarie Coratola, PsyD, LMFT
Family Therapy
Institute of Living
Tel: 860-545-7200
Email: rosemarie.coratola@hhchealth.org

Scott Hannan, Ph.D.Scott Hannan, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Institute of Living
  Gary Isenberg, M.D.
Glastonbury, CT
Milind Kale, M.D.
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Ct. Juvenile Training School
Middletown, CT
  Nina Livingston, M.D.
Sexual Abuse
St. Francis Hospital
Daane Logsdon, D.O.
School Psychiatry
University of Connecticut School of Medicine/Institute of Living  
  Sally Rosengren, M.D.
University of Connecticut
Kenneth Robson, M.D.
(Former Training Director)
Forensics, psychotherapy
Massachusetts Mental Health Center/Beth Israel Hospital
  Pamela Shuman, M.D.
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Natchaug Hospital
Michael C. StevensMichael C. Stevens, Ph.D.
Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center
The Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital
Tel: 860-545-7552
Email: michael.stevens@hhchealth.org