The General Dentistry Residency Program at Hartford Hospital offers a fully-accredited one-year residency in all phases of dentistry. In addition to comprehensive training in all disciplines of dentistry, the dental resident will participate in restorative dentistry and oral surgical procedures in the operating room.
The resident will be on off-service rotations in Hartford Hospital's departments of Anesthesiology (3 weeks), Internal Medicine (2 weeks) and Emergency Medicine (3 weeks), and will be required to be on-call on assigned nights to treat oral and maxillofacial emergencies. Residents will be involved in an active weekly schedule of lectures, seminars and conferences.
Hartford Hospital's Dental Clinic is open to the general public, and all patients are seen by appointment. The clinic's patient profile consists of:
  • 40% welfare recipients 
  • 40% Hartford Hospital employees covered by the hospital's dental plan 
  • 20% patients covered by third-party insurance or are self-paying
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