Hartford HospitalResidency Director

Mary Fiel-Gan, M.D.
E-Mail: Mary.Fiel-Gan@hhchealth.org

Residency Program Coordinator

Claudette Davidson
Hartford Hospital
Department of Pathology
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102-5037
Phone: (860) 972-6113

Hartford Hospital offers comprehensive services in an environment where commitment to research and education is inseparable from the hospital's role in patient care. Hartford Hospital is one of New England’s largest and finest hospitals, recognized nationally for medical excellence serving as a major affiliation with the University of Connecticut Health Center in undergraduate and graduate medical education. The Hartford Hospital Pathology training program provides integrated training in anatomic and clinical pathology. Our faculty and residents create a supportive, collegial environment in which you acquire the skills and knowledge needed to become an extremely capable pathologist, ready to face whatever challenges the changing landscape of pathology has in store.

Program & Department Statistics

  • Length of program: 4 years
  • Total number of resident: 12; 3 new PGY-1 residents accepted each year
  • Number of Faculty: 24
  • Number of fellowships: Cytopathology (1 fellow), Hematopathology (1 fellow), Surgical Pathology (3 fellows)

Hartford Hospital Statistics

  • Number of hospital beds: 867, additional 97 on campus beds at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (more on hospital statistics can be found here)
  • Number of residency programs: 5 based at HH; 14 based at University of Connecticut
  • Number of fellowship programs: 10 based at HH; 11 based at University of Connecticut
  • High volume mix of inpatient and outpatient case material, along with an exceptional blend of pathology
  • Surgical Pathology (2014 accessions): Inpatient – 33,021; outpatient – 31,750; consults/2nd review - 2,215
  • Cytology (2014 accessions): Gynecology -90,689; Non-gynecology – 7,650
  • Hematology (2014 accessions): BM/LN/flow cytometry – 3,000
  • Hematology (2014, peripheral smear/PCR/Hb electrophoresis) - 5,500
  • Autopsy (2014 accessions): HH autopsies - 88; UCMC autopsies – 28; OCME autopsies – 1,700
  • Clinical Laboratory testing – 3 million tests

Resident Benefits & Facilities

  • Salary (2014-15):  PG1: $55,700   PG2: $58,200   PG3: $60,900   PG4: $63,400
  • 3 weeks paid vacation/year (vacation requests must be submitted 2 months in advance; time cannot be accrued); additional 1 week of professional/educational leave (USMLE Step III exam, AP/CP Boards exam, fellowship interviews, national meetings)
  • Sick leave: additional paid leave up to six months with program director approval. In the event of serious injury or prolonged illness additional paid leave may be granted (protracted sick leave may require extending training period to meet all residency requirements). 
  • Maternity Leave: Full salary paid when medically unable to work, requires physician's affidavit identifying the leave as a "medical necessity", typically six to eight weeks following delivery. Employee benefits continue. 
  • Free parking 
  • Health/Dental/Long-term Disability/Professional Liability/Group Life Insurance 
  • Pathology Education funds available for residents to attend conferences if they are an author on poster/platform presentation at national meeting 
  • Excellent on-campus library and extensive online resources that can be accessed from both the residents’ office and from home.