Required Blocked Rotational Experiences

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Pediatrics Infectious Diseases (if not completed a pediatrics experience as a PGY I)
  • Research-PK/PD at Center of Anti-Infective Research and Development
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Infectious Diseases Solid Organ Transplant
  • Orientation
  • Critical Care (optional)

Required Longitudinal Rotational Experiences

  • HIV Clinic (1 afternoon per week)
  • Teaching and Academia
  • Scholarship
  • Committee Service
    • Antimicrobial Subcommittee and Infection Control Committee

Basic Requirements of the Residency

  • Teach 1 didactic ID lecture at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy (additional didactic experiences are also available)
  • Facilitate 1 ID case based lab session for P3 students at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy (there are additional opportunities)
  • Staff every fourth weekend (clinical staffing), there is currently no requirement of the PGY II resident to work holidays
  • Prepare and present a live CE to the pharmacy staff
  • Complete a research project and manuscript (generally the resident will have an opportunity to complete more than 1 project)
  • Complete a review article suitable for publication
  • Help precept P4 students on ID rotation from University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
  • Prepare a formulary review on an antimicrobial
  • Others experiences to be determined by the needs of the resident, department and to complete objectives set forth by ASHP residency requirements