CESI is available and open to everyone and we encourage anyone with interest to come and see the facility. Stop by or give a call at 860-972-0003 to set up a tour and become involved in the new wave of training for the future!

Lenworth Jacobs, MD, MPH
Lenworth Jacobs, MD, MPH
Vice President & Chief Academic Officer, Academic Affairs
Office: 860-545-3112
Email: Lenworth.Jacobs@hhchealth.org

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Steven Shichman, MD
Medical Director
Office: 860-524-4314
Email: Steven.Shichman@hhchealth.org

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Stephen Donahue, BS, RRT 
Program Director
Office: 860-972-3284
Email: Stephen.Donahue@hhchealth.org
  Thomas Nowicki, MD
Thomas Nowicki, MD
Emergency Medicine
Cognitive Simulation Director
Office: 860-545-1465
Email: Thomas.Nowicki@hhchealth.org

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Leah Connors
Leah Mastorakis
Administrative Manager
Office: 860-972-0003
Email: Leah.Mastorakis@hhchealth.org
  Thomas Nowicki, MD Liza Nowicki, RN, MSN, CCRN
Nurse Educator
Office: 860-972-2392
Email: Liza.Nowicki@hhchealth.org

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Chris Madison Christopher Madison
Simulation Technician
Office: 860-972-0097
Email: Christopher.Madison@hhchealth.org
  Dawn Filippa Dawn Filippa, MSN, MHA, RN, RRT, EMT-P
Surgical Simulation Coordinator Education Specialist
Office: 860-972-0070
Email: Dawn.Filippa@hhchealth.org
Becky Gleason, RRT Becky Gleason, RRT
Education Specialist
Office: 860-972-7973
Email: Rebecca.Gleason@hhchealth.org
  Robert Crespo Robert Crespo
Simulation Technician
Office: 860-972-0071
Email: Robert.Crespo@hhchealth.org