General Patient InformationImportant Phone Numbers:

  • Hartford Hospital main number: (860) 545-5000
  • Urology: (860) 947-8500 
  • Nephrology: (860) 241-0700

Finding Us:

For Patients:

  • We want your stay at Hartford Hospital to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. To learn more about what you can expect from pre-admission testing through discharge, read our Patient Guide. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

For Families and Visitors:

  • You can find everything you need to know about visiting hours, flower delivery, dining and more in our Visitor Guide.


  • Your physician’s office should give you instructions whether you should take your medications the day of the exam. This includes over the counter medications and herbal supplements.  Always check with your physician before stopping any medications.  You will be given written instructions when you may resume your medications at discharge. Be sure to inform your physician if you require antibiotics before dental or similar procedures.  

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in a man's prostate gland. The prostate sits just below the bladder. It makes part of the fluid for semen. In young men, the prostate is about the size of a walnut. As men age, the prostate usually grows larger.

Prostate cancer is common in men older than 65. It usually grows slowly and can take years to grow large enough to cause any problems. As with other cancers, treatment for prostate cancer works best when the cancer is found early. Often, prostate cancer that has spread responds to treatment. Older men who have prostate cancer usually die from other causes.

Experts don't know what causes prostate cancer, but they believe that your age, family history (genetics), and race affect your chances of getting it. What you eat, such as foods high in fats, may also play a part.


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