Through the years, the programs in Hartford Hospital’s School of Allied Health have become some of the most successful and innovative courses of study in their respective specialties, providing graduating students the opportunity to pursue challenging careers in the healthcare field.

In keeping with its progressive tradition, Hartford Hospital began academic and clinical training of health professionals in the 1930’s. Today the programs encompass diverse disciplines:

Although the scope of the training has increased dramatically, the size of enrollment has not; reflecting a commitment to the individual attention that can be crucial to providing each student with the most thorough and meaningful educational experience achievable.
The school makes a policy of providing dedicated teachers. They are dedicated as individuals committed to do their utmost for their students, and dedicated in the sense that their time and efforts are directed exclusively to education. They understand that, while expertise in their field is essential, it is only valuable to the student if it is patiently and effectively communicated. In addition, all students meet with and receive instruction from practicing professionals within the hospital.
In many of the programs, the school maintains an affiliation with area colleges and universities. These institutions, like the School of Allied Health itself, are recognized for their educational excellence. All programs are accredited through nationally recognized agencies.
Students in the School of Allied Health have the benefit of extensive clinical facilities at the school and within the hospital, and many also may live in the dormitories available near the hospital. These quarters provide convenient access to classrooms, laboratories, and the libraries on the hospital campus.

Allied Health Students
Allied Health Students

Hartford Hospital School of Allied Health does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national and ethnic origin or handicap in the administration of its educational, admissions, or scholarship and financial assistance policies.