Advanced Methods for Faster Recovery from Hip Replacements

Our orthopedic surgeons have the training and expertise to perform even the most complex hip surgeries. We also treat previous failed hip surgeries, removing existing hardware and performing total hip replacements. Our team of board certified orthopedic surgeons has fellowship training and continually trains in state of the art hip replacement surgical techniques. We have perfected methods for the very best in pre-operative and post-operative care, preventing complications and getting the best outcomes for hip replacement surgery.

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Collaborative Model of Care

Our unique PREPARE program educates you completely about what to expect before, during and after your hip replacement surgery. You’ll have a thorough pre-anesthesia risk evaluation, plenty of time for questions, and all the individualized care and attention you need.

During your hip surgery, our team of orthopedic anesthesiologists uses specialized regional anesthesia techniques to reduce pain without making your hips and legs numb after surgery. You get back on your feet more quickly and start working on physical therapy right away so you can get home faster. With the largest network of integrated rehabilitation services, the physical therapy you start in the hospital continues seamlessly at a convenient outpatient therapy site near home.

Advanced Technologies & Surgical Techniques for Total Hip Replacements

If you’re having constant pain, trouble sleeping, and difficulty starting to walk when rising from a chair, you’re probably ready to consider hip replacement surgery. Your hip surgeon will show you the most advanced hip replacement options for your needs, listen to your concerns, and always focus on your safety.

The precision diagnostics at the Bone & Joint Institute help our hip surgeons know what to expect even before surgery begins, and how complex procedures must be for optimal treatment of damaged hip joints. They are supported by specialized, fellowship trained musculoskeletal radiologists and maximum quality imaging using advanced CT scans and MRIs.

Robotic surgery might be best, and we are the first Greater Hartford Area hospital to offer MAKOplasty® for total hip replacement procedures. MAKOplasty offers accuracy within millimeters in cup placement and leg length restoration. This degree of precision reduces the possibility of future dislocations and results in fewer complications, which can lead to faster rehabilitation after surgery.

The Bone & Joint Institute is also one of the few Northeast hospitals where active younger adults with strong bone quality can be considered for hip resurfacing alternatives to total hip replacement.

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