West Hartford Surgery Center
Mission, Philosophy & Code of Ethics


West Hartford Surgery Center is committed to the enhancement of life by providing access to quality surgical care services delivered in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


West Hartford surgery Center encourages and practices equal opportunity in the treatment and care of patients, and associations with others outside the facility.  This applies to any person, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, and marital status or sexual orientation.

These services are provided to the members of our community regardless of their ability to pay or the source of payment.  Fiscal policies have been established to ensure the provision of charity care to those in need.
It is the philosophy of the Operations Committee that the West Hartford Surgery Center:
  • Strives to ensure the highest possible quality of surgical care to each individual who seeks care/treatment offered by West Hartford Surgery Center.
  • Treats all patients, employees, medical staff, customers, vendors, medical representatives and any others that cross our thresholds with respect, dignity and without discrimination of any kind.
  • Promotes health disease prevention as well as care of patients requiring surgical interventions. 
  • Shall assure that practices and contracts do not encourage or engender systematic conflict with the ethical principles noted: medical need;  compassionate care intended to secure the health of the patient;  non-discrimination; safety; informed consent; equity;  trust; respect for the professional values and rules of the staff and center; the religious traditions of patients and the law.
  • Meets the regulations of the Connecticut State and CMS guidelines.
  • Conducts operations to conform to the various laws and legal decisions of the Federal and State government and complies with all legal demands.
  • Keeps the public informed of progress, opportunities, programs and plans by utilizing all feasible communication means.
  • Uses all income from operations prudently and to the best advantage.