The following classes, events, programs and support groups are available through the Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center. Classes are held at our Hartford and Avon locations, as well as other Hartford Hospital locations. Some classes are free; others charge a fee, and some allow online registration.
Cancer Screenings

Early Detection Exams will be offered for *Breast, *Prostate, and Colon Cancer. Lung cancer awareness information will also be offered.

*No charge prostate cancer early detection testing is specifically designed for men above age 40 without primary care providers who could perform these services as part of your regular care.

*Mammograms - Women eligible for these screening mammograms must have not had a mammogram or breast biopsy in the past year and do not have breast implants or a personal history of breast cancer within the past five years. Mammograms are recommended for women age 40 and over. Insurance will be billed for this service, so please bring your card. If a woman has no insurance, the cost will be covered by donated funds.

Walk-ins are welcome.

Registration: Required.
Fee Desc: FREE
Choose a Location below for Registration Information
Northend Senior Center - Hartford
Pilgrim Way Baptist Church - Windsor

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