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Download our latest Educational Events & Programs newsletter, or view the classes, events, programs and support groups available through the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute listed below. Classes are held at our Hartford and Avon locations, as well as other Hartford HealthCare locations. Some classes are free; others charge a fee, and most allow online registration.


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Classes & Events
Brain Tumor Support
    Hartford Hospital invites you to a free educational seminar for patients being treated for brain tumors and their caretakers.
Breast Cancer Support Group
    A support group offering emotional and educational support for women with breast cancer.
Breast Cancer: Ask the expert
    Learn more about prevention, early detection and treatment options for breast cancer.
Change Your Eating, Change Your Life-After Cancer
    It is often difficult to make the transition from a diet lacking in whole foods to a healthy, cancer fighting strategic health plan. This class offers support during the transition, and will help you develop skill power as we explore diet strategies and their influence on enhancing and strengthening the body's innate healing system.
Exploring Happiness through Creativity
    Learn many ways to live happier through expressive art, gratitude and mindfulness techniques. Aromatherapy and color psychology will be discussed as ways to improve mood and focus. We will explore art journaling with pastels and markers as a way to connect with our heart center. We will create an art piece to leave for someone else to find. A happiness collage will be constructed on canvas using images and quotes. Relaxing music and mindfulness will be weaved in throughout the day. No artistic ability needed. Bring an open heart and a playful spirit, bring photos or images from magazine that make you smile or choose from the ones provided. Also, bring your lunch and something to drink.
Expressive ART Creativity Day-FREE 1 day Retreat for Caregivers
    It is a challenging time when we love and care on a daily basis for others who are confronted with an illness. This retreat day will redirect your focus for a short while and give us time to explore the benefits of Visual Journaling, Collage, and Expressive Drawing with Guided Imagery to use our imagination and intuition to gain new insights. These are all simple techniques that assist in reducing stress while allowing the creative spirit to express what it needs, how to fulfill those needs with what nurtures you during these times. Materials and lunch included. No previous art experience necessary.
Head & Neck Cancer Support Group
    A support group offering emotional and educational support for patients and their families.
Healthy Steps - The Lebed Method
    A special program for women after breast cancer.
Introduction to Zentangle
    Zentangle is a method of creating abstract art throught structured patterns. Like yoga and meditation, through the relaxed focus Zentangle provides, you may experience reduced stress, and anxiety as well as enhanced creativity. You will hear a brief background of the Zentangle Process, learn several patterns and have one or more pieces of art to take home. No artistic ability required! Supplies provided.
Look Good, Feel Better
    Cosmetology professionals help cancer patients with makeup, skin and nail care, wigs, scarves and hats.
Look Good, Feel Better (Spanish)
    Cosmetology professionals help cancer patients with makeup, skin and nail care, wigs, scarves and hats. Class in Spanish.
Lung Cancer Support Group
    Lung cancer education and peer support group for patients and caregivers living with lung cancer.
Mind-Body Relaxation
    Come unwind and rejuvenate with complementary instruction in breathing, gentle movement and relaxation. Limited yoga mats. Please bring your own if you have one.
Singing Bowl Meditation
    In a peaceful setting, experience the soothing sounds of Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls and float blissfully into a deep meditative sate where the tumultuous stresses of everyday life are cleared, cleansed, and washed away.
SoulCollage® for Everyone: The Art of Gratitude
    As Thanksgiving approaches we are reminded to express our gratitude for the many gifts present in our lives. Create a SoulCollage® card (developed by Seena Frost, as a reminder that our gratitude extends beyond this holiday and may express itself in hundreds of ways on a daily basis. No previous experience or class attendance necessary. Bring a magazine or two. Registration closes 2 days before class.
SoulCollage® for Everyone: The Witness
    A “Core” card, so to speak, the Witness to our experience in this world, is a reflection and mirror of the awareness of our true nature. Here is an opportunity to gain a new perspective and find a place of letting go. No previous experience or class attendance necessary. Please bring a magazine or 2 or an images you have collected that you feel may speak to spiritual themes.
SoulCollage® for Everyone:The Companion, Our Animal Totem
    This month we will explore another animal totem that focuses on the energy of our Chakras. A Guided Meditation will awaken our internal energies to focus our attention in this time of new beginnings. Create a SoulCollage® card.
SoulCollage®: The Mystery
    What mysteries and possibilities lie ahead of us? Don’t you just love surprises!! Allow the unkown to come forward and meet your personal vision with a SoulCollage® card (process developed by Seena Frost,, to manifest your dreams in the coming year. A mystery envelope will be provided for you to create your new story. Come join the fun. No previous experience or class attendance necessary. Materials included.
Understanding Prostate Cancer From the Eyes of a Pathologist
Write it Down
    This workshop will focus on writing down things about ourselves that not everyone may know. We’ll use writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing such as ‘The one place I have always wanted to go because….” This will give way to writing about things we think about and dream about but may not put down on paper or even voice to anyone. Today we will write it down. A guided meditation will assist in the writing process, providing us with images that tap into the words we wish to pen. No experience required. Supplies provided.
Yoga Nidra for Patients with Cancer
    Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. The term yoga nidra is derived from two Sanskrit words, yoga meaning union or one-pointed awareness, and nidra, translating to sleep (not sleep as we think of it, but rather a conscious sleep). The benefits of yoga nidra to general health and well-being, and its deeper spiritual effects, are known to everyone who practices it, and are doubly applicable to anyone confronting and living with a life-changing illness. Class will consist of a gentle yoga practice followed by a guided yoga nidra meditation. This practice can greatly benefit patient and caregivers. Please bring yoga mat, blanket, and any nexk supports, blocks, etc. you might need.
Cancer Screenings
    Free early detection exams offered
Colon Cancer Screening with Colonoscopy
    Colonoscopy Saves Lives. Colonoscopy is now available in Glastonbury.
Connecticut Quitline 1-866-END-HABIT
    Free telephone-based program providing information, counseling, referrals and support.
Mobile Mammography
    New state-of-the-art mammography equipment can now be transported to community organizations to provide screenings
Stress Management for Cardiac Patients - A 6-Week Group
    Recommended for cardiac patients interested in improving their skills to manage stress and is facilitated by a counselor from Hartford Hospital’s Behavioral Cardiology Program.