These publications may help you cope with your cancer diagnosis...
View "Keep on Laughing!"
"Keep on Laughing" is is our guide to coping humor for breast cancer patients. A life-threatening disease challenges our body and our spirit. It tries to belittle us, and can make us question who we are. If we let it, it can take the life out of our lives. Laughing at ourselves doesn’t discount the seriousness of our situation or erase our fear. But it does free us to find more creative and healthy ways to cope with the problems of breast cancer. 

View "Peace of Mind" planner

Gain peace of mind and regain control during stressful periods  This booklet has been developed by team members of the Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center to assist you in regaining control during stressful periods such as illness. This booklet is designed to help you organize personal information that may be helpful to guide decisions and maintain a sense of focus. Hopefully, it will give you a sense of what information you and your loved ones might need to share with each other. 

Radiation Therapy Resources

These resources are meant to help you feel prepared for your radiation therapy sessions. If you have additional questions, please call 860-545-2803, and ask to speak to your nurse.