The Health Care Team consists of highly qualified personnel.
Intensivist - Most units are staffed 24 hours a day by an intensivist, a critical care medicine specialist who serves as a team leader to manage care within the ICU and co-ordinates the care of the complex patient. The intensivist provides these services in collaboration with the patient’s attending physician.
Fellows - Fellows in critical care medicine who are involved in the care of patients that are available for any questions that patients or family may have.
Midlevel Practitioners - The ICU may also be staffed with midlevel practitioners, which include Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. They provide daily medical management of patients with the intensive and primary surgical team.
Attending Physician - Attending physicians provide the medical management and consultation for your family member. He or she also supervises the resident physician staff.
Resident Physician Staff - Residents provide medical management for your family member including performing procedures and writing orders for your plan of care under the supervision of an attending physician and in communication with your health care team.