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The Diabetes LifeCare program provides day and evening classes, individual counseling sessions, monthly support and continuing education groups and special events.

All are designed to help patients better managed their diabetes. Group and individual sessions are offered in Hartford and surrounding towns.

Diabetes Self-Management Education ProgramWhat do we cover in our group session? 

This unique program is based on the results of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, a ten-year research study that demonstrated that better control of blood sugar decreased long-term complications. When you choose this program, you receive a lifetime of care to maintain self-management skills. (Download our brochure

We provide you with:

Knowledge - by learning everything you need to know about diabetes
Skills - by learning how to take care of your diabetes
Support - by learning how to live with diabetes
The  ADA-Certified Diabetes LifeCare Education Program includes:
  • An American Diabetes Association certified diabetes program offering individual and group sessions - (Diabetes Self Management Education)
  • Diabetes in pregnancy classes
  • Individualized nutritional counseling & meal planning (Medical Nutrition Therapy)
  • Individualized recommendations for patient care and management based on American Diabetes Association Standards of Care
  • Individual consultation nurse educators, including supportive follow up visits
  • Intensified diabetes education, including insulin administration and management, insulin pump therapy, and more
  • A collaborative care model between our program providers and your doctor (including individualized recommendations for your care sent to your primary care provider)
  • Medical management aimed at tight glycemic control and complication prevention based on research findings.
  • Referrals to behavioral health, financial counseling and social services are available.
  • APRN support for Hartford Hospital’s emergency department (ED) triage
  • Diabetes Management program for Hartford Hospital employees