Upon arrival, a triage nurse will talk to you about your condition and decide the level of care you will need.  Patients who have a critical or life-threatening illness or injury are treated immediately.  Others are screened and put in one of several areas:
Main Emergency Department
For patients of all ages that have a variety of illness and/or injuries.  Most patients are seen here.
Gold Pod
For patients with less serious illnesses who generally do not require complex evaluations and/or testing. At times these patients are seen ahead of other patients because availability of treatment space varies. 

Critical Care Area
For patients who require immediate attention due to a limb or life-threatening illness or injury.
Mental Health Area
For patients who are seeking care for mental health, alcohol or drug problems.
Other Treatment Areas
When all or most beds are in use, patients may be placed in stretchers in the hall or in chairs in a results pending area. These are patients who are typically waiting for a room to open up, waiting for lab test results or waiting for transportation from the hospital.
Lobby or Waiting Room
When a bed is not available patients are asked to wait in the waiting room until they are called to be taken to one of the above areas.  If there is a change in condition you should notify the triage nurse or assistant.  Nothing should be taken by mouth unless approved by the nurse.  You may be rechecked by the nurse or by a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.