The Gastroenterology Division at Hartford Hospital gives the region’s physicians and their patients fast, convenient access to superlative GI care.
GI NursesFrom routine screenings and common tests to advanced procedures and complex cases, Hartford Hospital’s Gastroenterology Division offers the expert diagnostic and treatment capabilities that referring physicians demand, combined with the compassionate care every patient deserves. 
Exceptional, Experienced Practitioners
Rigorous, continuous learning ensures that all members of Hartford Hospital’s GI  Medical Staff are current with emerging knowledge in their field. Our gastroenterology nurses and associates are highly qualified professionals dedicated to staying abreast of developments in their field and using best practices to provide excellent patient care. Many have earned advanced certification from the national Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates. (Find a Gastroenterologist)

The Most Advanced Technology 
Hartford Hospital’s long-standing commitment to technological innovation means that the Gastroenterology Division has the most advanced medical technology available anywhere. We use the latest endoscopic instruments with high-definition images and narrow-band image capability for improved detection and diagnosis of GI disorders. Our sophisticated digital fluoroscopy and radiology equipment delivers the highest-quality images, with the lowest radiation exposure. And new impedance and manometry equipment means vastly improved diagnosis and treatment for patients with reflux and atypical chest pain.
GI NursesImmediate Access to a Full Range of Specialists
Once diagnosed, patients of Hartford Hospital’s Gastroenterology Division can be readily linked to Hartford Hospital specialists who have the precise experience and expertise to treat their illness. Even patients with rare or complex conditions can obtain the expert care they need without having to travel long distances, thanks to Hartford Hospital’s full complement of specialists.
Connecticut's Only IDB Center
The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center at Hartford Hospital is the only center in the state focused intensively on this challenging and complex disorder. Another unique feature is the monthly IBD conference, where an expert, interdisciplinary team reviews complicated cases, discusses options and recommends treatment plans.
Prompt Appointments and Fast Reporting
The large number of physicians on the Gastroenterology Medical Staff means that patients referred to the division can be seen promptly. Referring physicians receive timely reports on their patients’ visits and immediate telephone calls when findings are significant. (contact us)
Compassionate Care
Known or suspected illness places significant strain on patients. Recognizing this, our physicians, clinicians and administrative staff are dedicated to treating each patient with sensitivity and respect. Patient comfort and privacy are among our most important goals.