Your implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) has the ability to check your device remotely from your home by way of a transmitter box that monitors you in your home. This will perform daily checks of your device and alert our clinic through a secure website if a problem is detected. It is important that you set this unit up as soon as you receive it.

Please review the important information about remote monitoring listed below:

  • You should receive a remote transmitter box a few weeks after your implant. Please call our clinic if you do not receive one within 30 days of your implant.

  • Set up your unit according to the directions provided as soon as you receive it and call our remote clinic at (860) 972-1139 to inform us that you have sent your first transmission.

  • If you are having difficulty with this initial set up please call the toll-free number included in your directions for assistance (numbers are also listed at bottom of this page). Please do not call our clinic for assistance with setting up your device. The manufacturer of your ICD has hotlines in place 24 hours a day to specifically help you with the proper functioning of your transmitter.

  • The transmitter should be plugged in and on at all times for your added safety.
  • A full download of all the data on your device will be sent to our clinic typically every 6 months. Your insurance will be billed for any full download of data but not for the daily monitoring of your device. You may be responsible for a co pay depending on your insurance provider.

  • DO NOT press the transmit button unless directed to do so by our clinic or the company’s technical support staff as this will send us a full download that will be billed to you and your insurance. 

  • The clinic will contact you only if a problem is detected and sent to our website. We do not call to confirm normal findings. You may call our remote clinic if you have any concerns regarding your transmission 860-972-1139.

  • It is strongly advised that you take your monitor with you when traveling.

Patient Support Phone Numbers for Specific Devices:

  • BIOTRONIK: 1-800-547-0394
  • BOSTON SCIENTIFIC/Latitude: 1-800-227-3422
  • MEDTRONIC/Carelink: 1-800-929-4043
  • ST. JUDE MEDICAL/Merlin: 1-877-696-3754