Expanded Role for Robots

Hansen Sensei™ Robotic Catheter SystemHartford Hospital has introduced the state’s first medical robot that significantly affects how complex heart arrhythmias are treated.

The new robot is an expansion of the hospital’s renowned robotics and electrophysiology programs. The Hansen Sensei™ Robotic Catheter System enables physicians to reach specific areas of the heart with increased precision and stability.

“Robotic surgery has brought about extraordinary changes in how well physicians are able to deliver their care and Hartford Hospital has been a national leader in robotic surgery,” said Dr. Steven Zweibel, Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Hartford Hospital. “We are delighted to apply robotics to electrophysiology, as it will help us perform complex procedures with even more confidence and accuracy. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on patient outcomes.”

Robotically-guided ablation allows electrophysiologists to perform minimally invasive procedures with precision. Hartford Hospital doctors have pioneered many robotic procedures, doing more of them in more specialties than any other hospital in New England and most other hospitals in the country.