1. How are patients referred to the Infusion Program?

Initially, physicians can call our office directly at (860) 972-1212 and refer a patient, or submit a referral form. We may ask a few brief questions to ensure the patient is appropriate for our office. Please then fax pertinent office notes, recent blood work, echocardiogram, patient’s demographics and any recent hospital admission notes. We will contact the patient directly to schedule the initial appointment and inform them of what to expect during the first visit.

2. What is an “appropriate” Infusion Program patient?

Due to the open nature of the infusion center patients should typically be ambulatory, independent in the bathroom and be able to care for their sanitary needs. Patients unable to walk back and forth to the bathroom can bring an aid or family member to assist them. Additionally, patients need to be able to travel back and forth to the infusion center possibly several times in a week initially. Our office does not make transportation arrangements.

3. What can patients to expect when coming to the infusion center?

On the first visit several baseline diagnostic tests will be done such as a 6-minute walk and Bioimpedance. Most patients referred to the infusion center will have a formal one-on-one diet education session with our registered dietician. An IV is placed and blood is drawn at every visit to closely monitor electrolytes, renal function and BNP level. Blood work and clinic notes will be faxed to the referring physician's office intermittently with updated clinical progress.

4. Do patients need to be seen by one of the Heart Failure Physicians before being referred to the Infusion Program?

No, however, some cardiologists prefer that their patients be evaluated specifically by a heart failure specialty physician in addition to the evaluation and management in the Infusion Program with our heart failure board certified nurse practitioner/nurses. (Physicians should let us know their preference.)

5. When is the Infusion Center open?

We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

6. How can I contact the Infusion Program?

Our office number is 860-972-1212; our fax number is 860-545-3269.