Beyond advanced - cardiac care. 
The State of the Art for Your Heart
The Henry Low Heart Center at Hartford Hospital is a national leader in heart disease treatment, surgery,  and research. Here, the region’s most talented and experienced clinicians work with patients to find and fight heart disease. The center offers the latest in high-tech treatments -- such as robotic surgery -- in a warm and caring setting. (more) 
Find a Heart Specialist Physician
Some of the top heart specialists in Connecticut – and in the nation -- are
part of the team at the Henry Low Heart Center. (more) 
SCPC logoChest Pain Center

Sudden and unexplained chest pain or pressure can be frightening and confusing. Hartford Hospital experts at the Chest Pain Center can get to the bottom of mysterious chest pain, and start rapid and effective treatment. The Chest Pain Center is an Dual-Accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI, which ensures patients who arrive at the hospital complaining of chest pain or other symptoms of a heart attack receive the treatment necessary during the critical window of time when the integrity of the heart muscle can be preserved. (more) 

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
The program offers individualized, medically-supervised exercise and education programs and counseling for individuals who have experienced a cardiac event or need to reduce their risk of heart disease. (more)

Preventive Cardiology
Boost your heart health by making changes in your diet, becoming more physically active, controlling cholesterol and quitting smoking. We’ll show you how. (more) 

Cardiac Catheterization & Angioplasty
A narrowed blood vessel can dangerously cut the flow of blood to the heart muscle. Hartford Hospital physicians have successfully performed thousands of these procedures to identify and widen dangerously narrowed heart arteries. (more) 
When the heart habitually skips a beat, it can be serious. A heart that’s out of rhythm is a heart that’s not pumping blood efficiently. Hartford  Hospital treats more such hearts than any other hospital in Connecticut. (more) 
Hartford Hospital doctors performed the first coronary bypass surgery in Central Connecticut and continue to lead with such innovations as the da Vinci surgical system – the latest in medical robotics. For those patients too sick for open heart surgery we are one of the only in the area to provide Transcatheter aortic valve replacement. It is a procedure for select patients with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis (narrowing of the aortic valve opening) who are not candidates for traditional open chest surgery or are high-risk operable candidates. (more) 
Dr. Henry Low led the Hartford Hospital team that performed the first heart transplant in Connecticut in 1984. Few hospitals in Connecticut and nationally have the medical know-how and resources to offer heart transplantation to appropriate cardiac patients. (more)