Clinical Librarian Program
Clinical Librarian Program

Clinical Librarian Program

The Health Science Libraries provide Clinical Library services to:
  • The Department of Medicine
  • The Department of Surgery
  • The Department of Nursing
  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
The Clinical Librarian’s primary responsibility is for the rapid delivery of value filtered information in support of patient care.
  • S/he, as a member of the patient care team, listens to discussions of patient care problems, taking care to note questions that can best be answered by knowledge-based information from the library.
  • S/he quality filters information delivered back to the patient care team, finding the best references for the specific case in question.
  • Clinical Librarians significantly contribute to patient safety by providing practitioners with the latest patient care information in a timely manner, reducing distractions, thus allowing them time to concentrate on their own primary responsibility - patient care.

Division of Library Information Services
Division of Library Information Services

The Division of Library Information Services (DLIS)

The DLIS was created in 1989 within the Hartford Hospital Health Science Libraries to promote resource sharing among Connecticut hospital libraries.

From this initial goal evolved a consortium of hospital libraries known as the Hospital Affiliated Libraries (HAL). The mission of this consortium is to seek innovative-shared approaches to medical information delivery. Its member libraries provide priority reciprocal services to each other.
From these resource-sharing activities, the DLIS expanded to offer select information services to individual library clients. Clients range from health care organizations such as hospitals and nursing homes, to insurance companies and other diverse health care agencies.
Information services available through the DLIS include:
  • Technical Processing Services
  • Literature Searching
  • Consulting
    • Evaluation and planning of information centers
    • Staffing and budgeting plans for information centers
    • Collection development for books, journals, and audio visuals
    • Individualized projects tailored to client's needs
  • Customized packages of services
    • Provided on a fee-for-service basis with the goal of fulfilling information needs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner
For consultation about your information needs, please contact:
Lisa Carter
Interim Director, Health Science Libraries
Division of Library Information Services

Instructional Services

Based in the Robinson Health Science Library, HSL staff offer one-on-one and small group classes in library-related subjects at Hartford Hospital, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and at Midstate Medical Center. (more)

Interlibrary Loan Services

Staff at Hartford Hospital, CCMC and MMC may use this service to request items not available from any of our libraries. (more)

Information Services

Authorized Library users may request Librarian Mediated Searches with a Literature Search Request Form.  Consumers, patients and families may Ask Our Librarians online or by phone.