Where do I call to schedule an appointment for an imaging exam?

To schedule an appointment for your imaging exam, please call our Central Scheduling Call Center at (860) 696-3000.
How can I get a copy of my images?
Please contact Record Management (a.k.a. the Film Library) at (860) 972-2833, to obtain a copy of your images. Record Management is located in the Imaging Department of the 2nd floor, Bliss 244.
How will my physician received the results of my exam?
A report will be forwarded to your physician and it is also available electronically through SunRise Clinical Manager and PACS. Your physician will discuss the results with you. In the circumstance of an interventional procedure, such as a biopsy, our radiologists work closely with your physician. Your results are report directly to him or her.
How do I know if I have a co-pay for my imaging exam?
For any questions regarding your imaging benefit, please contact the Benefits Department at extension (860) 972-2401. Your benefit is based on the plan selected at the time of enrollment.