Medical Director
Erika Capelluti, PhD, MD
Associate Medical Director
Eric R. Secore, MD
Carmen Ciarcia
Edwin Brown, LAc
Carmen Catalano, LAc
Heather Finn, LAc
Edwin Brown
Diana BoehnertArt for Healing Program
Diana Boehnert, MFA, Coordinator
Diana is Coordinator of the ART for Healing Program for Hartford Hospital’s Department of Integrative Medicine. She is an Expressive Arts Facilitator, an exhibiting artist with 14 years experience teaching at the university level, and 25 years teaching private art classes and curating art exhibits, has presented at various local and national conferences and, is a member of the Society for the Arts in Healthcare.
Creativity Coaches
Art volunteers give of their time and themselves to give patients an Expressive Art experience that is therapeutic by helping reduce the stress and anxiety sometimes associated with illness and hospitalization.
Creativity Coaches (click for larger image)
Back (L-R): Diana Boehnert, Volunteers Pam Graves and Annie Cagenello, Eileen Pelletier, Manager, Volunteer Services. Front (L-R): Volunteers Margot Callahan and Deb Peavey
Diana trains art interns and volunteers and Co-cordinates the Creativity Coach Volunteer Program with Eileen Pelletier of Volunteer Services.
The Creativity Coaches provide free services for inpatients in Oncology, Rehab, Cancer Center and Dialysis (as the program expands, services will be offered in other areas of the hospital).
Reiki Volunteer Program
Alice Moore, RN, RMT, Integrative Medicine, Co-Coordinator
Alice is a former ICU nurse/nurse manager, currently the coordinator for the Reiki Volunteer Program (providing Reiki sessions throughout the entire hospital), Integrative Medicine Program Development Manual, IM Website and Intranet Site, as well as the Nursing Validation for Touch Therapy. She also has a part time practice providing Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Craniosacral Therapy, Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch, Tai Chi for Arthritis, Yoga, and Guided Imagery for enhancing the healing process as well as teaches all levels of Reiki training.
Alice Moore

Reiki Volunteers (click for a larger image)
Some of our 50 specially trained Reiki Volunteers pose with their Extraordinary Program Award from the American Society of Directors of Volunteer Services (ASDVS)

Eileen Pelletier
Volunteer Services
Eileen Pelletier, Co-Coordinator
Eileen is one of two managers in the Department of Volunteer Services and oversees approximately 900 volunteers including the 50 Reiki Volunteers and 6 Creativity Coaches. In 2002, Hartford Hospital's Reiki Volunteer Program received the "Extraordinary Program Award" from the American Society of Directors of Volunteer Services. Eileen is also a Reiki Master Practitioner.
Health Science Libraries / Integrative Medicine Collection
Kelly Taylor, Information Coordinator 
Kelly is the Information Coordinator for Hartford Hospital’s Health Science Library, manages the library’s Consumer Health Information Services, and is an adjunct staff member of the Department of Integrative Medicine and Tai Chi instructor. Her work includes the development of specialized health and medical collections to meet the needs of staff, patients and health consumers as well as teaching consumers how to find quality health internet-based information.
Kelly Taylor
Massage Therapy Program 
  • Jim Bernier, LMT
  • Eric Cheffler, LMT
  • Cheryl Guertin, LMT
  • Toni Rossi, LMT
  • Kate Stiffler, LMT
  • Kelly Su Lim, LMT
Administrative Staff 
  • Tina Duarte
  • Debbie Hackett
  • Gloria Miano
  • Sandra Stewart
Eric Cheffler
Jim Bernier
Kate Stiffler
Toni Rossi