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Our commitment to providing the community and our staff with the most appropriate and effective treatments is stronger than ever.

The results of this program to date have only reinforced our belief that this integrative philosophy is a better way of healing.



  • Therapeutic Massage 
Hands-on soft tissue manipulation using various techniques that may include: Swedish, deep tissue, sports, geriatrics, pregnancy, chair massage.
  • 1 Hour $65
    ($40 for HH campus employees/families/inpatients)
  • ½ Hour $33
    ($21 for HH campus employees/families/inpatients) 
  • Acupuncture
Acupuncture is the process of applying tiny needles to specific points to aid in strengthening the immune system and increasing both the function and quality of people’s lives.
  • $70 ($40 for HH campus employees/families/inpatients) 
  • Reflexology
Reflexology is an ancient, holistic practice that utilizes massage and acupressure on specific reflex points on the feet to relieve symptoms elsewhere in the body.
  • $65 ($40 for HH campus employees/families/inpatients)  
  • Reiki
Reiki is a gentle “hands-on” relaxation technique to help you feel calmer and more comfortable, facilitating the healing of mind, body, and spirit.
  • 1 Hour $65
    ($40 for HH campus employees/families/inpatients)
  • ½ Hour $35
    ($21 for HH campus employees/families/inpatients) 
  • Other Services
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • CranioSacral


  • Reiki Healing Touch: Level 1
  • Therapeutic Touch
    • Basic and Basic Plus
    • Intermediate
    • Practice Group
  • Newborn Baby Massage Instructor Training

  • Lunch & Learn Programs
    Live presentations with speakers or video presentations on a variety of Integrative Medicine topics. 
  • Integrative Medicine Workshops
    Wellness and stress management workshops and retreats tailored to your needs.
  • Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster
    Peggy Huddleston’s book and tape of mind-body techniques to help patients feel calmer before surgery, experience less discomfort and recover faster.
To register, call (860) 972-4444 or email us.

For more detail on these and all of our classes, click here.



  • Integrative Medicine Library
A special collection of books, audio and videotapes on integrative medicine, located in the Hartford Hospital Health Science Libraries,Conklin Building, 3rd floor. 
  • HEADLINES in Integrative Medicine
A free online newsletter.